Bedding, Basket and Vegetable Plants in Chichester | Utilising Upcycled Materials

Based in Birdham, Bellfield Nursery has been a family-run business ever since our establishment in 1947. As such, while we may stock and supply the same kind of products as a commercial garden centre, we have always adopted a much more personal approach to gardening. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff have a passion for plants and the environment, which extends to factors like improving sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

With over 70 years’ combined experience, our expert personnel have accumulated some wonderful tips and tricks to help customers in Chichester remain green whilst creating stunning gardens, using upcycled materials and items.  

If you are searching for inventive ways to plant herbaceous perennials, bedding plants, vegetable plants, basket plants and more, why spend precious time and money scouring garden centres and shops for inspiration and supplies, when you may already own the items you need to transform your outdoor space into something quirky, beautiful and unique?

Here are some ideas to help you create a truly green garden.

Use Pallets as Planters

This is currently an on-trend method of planting herbaceous perennials, bedding plants and basket plants in your Chichester garden. Simply fix a pallet to a wall, fill it with soil and start planting. They are also ideal for herbs and trailing vegetable plants, like tomatoes.

Be sure to check that the pallet was not previously fumigated, as the chemical remnants will kill off your plants.

Hanging Gutter Gardens

Replace garden centre hanging baskets with guttering and metal wire for that retro chic appeal. Cut pipes to your desired length and simply plant whatever basket plants you choose - succulents and creepers are excellent options. Create a ladder effect by connecting smaller pipes together with wire, or keep the guttering whole and pin it to fencing or garage walls to create trailing gardens.

Plastic bottles also make superb substitutes for hanging baskets.

Tin Can Planters

Repurpose old baked bean, soup and coffee cans as flowerpots. For a more rustic look, just peel off the label and go au naturel, or paint them in a variety of colours to brighten up your garden in Chichester. You can hang tin can planters on a wall or position them on shelves, windowsills and balconies to suit your needs.

Tin cans come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for all manner of bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, basket plants, herbs and even some vegetable plants.

For larger plants, ornamental shrubs or dwarf trees, consider utilising old paint cans.

Upscaling Drawers

Broken and unwanted dresser drawers can still have value and create eye-catching drama. Place the unit on the patio of your Chichester home, open the drawers into steps, fill with soil and compost from any decent garden centre or nursery, and begin planting. To really maximise the space, place potted plants on top of the unit.

Add a lick of paint to brighten up a tired aesthetic.

If the frame of a chest of drawers is falling apart, remove the drawers and stack them in a stepped or helix pattern before filling with flowers and plants, such as herbaceous perennials, vegetable plants, bedding plants and basket plants.

The Versatility of Buckets

Plastic and metal buckets make excellent flowerpots, planters and hanging baskets for all sorts of specimens. They are perfect for growing tomato plants in the greenhouse or repotting a dwarf fruit tree or ornamental shrub.

For a more rustic appeal than a store-bought pot from a garden centre, simply cut out a few holes and turn a bucket into a strawberry planter. For whatever purpose you would use a basket, container or pot in the garden, a bucket works just as well.

Next time you plant herbaceous perennials, bedding plants, vegetable plants and basket plants in your garden, reduce your carbon footprint by thinking outside the box.

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