Vegetable, Basket and Bedding Plants in Bognor Regis | Maximising Limited Garden Space

As a family-run garden nursery, Bellfield Nursery understands what a difference a garden makes to a home. It can provide somewhere for the children to play, a place to entertain or unwind, and it may even add value to your property. Unlike standard commercial garden centres, we actually cultivate every one of the 1200 varieties of bedding plants, basket plants, vegetable plants and herbaceous perennials we have in stock for sale.

We provide quality produce and service to domestic and commercial customers, helping to brighten up homes, shops and restaurants throughout the Bognor Regis area.

If, however, your property has limited outdoor space for planting flowers, shrubs and trees, why not plant upwards with a vertical garden?

Here are several ingenious suggestions from our expert personnel, on how to transform even the most cramped and urban gardens and patios in Bognor Regis into practical and stunning outdoor areas.

1. Living Walls – Purchase a ready-made planting tray from a garden centre or garden nursery. Alternatively, make one yourself. Hang the tray on a garden wall or garage wall and fill it with herbaceous perennials, succulents, ornamental grasses and various bedding plants. Our nursery staff can help you choose the most suitable plants for your living wall.

2. Hanging Containers – Hanging baskets do not have to contain basket plants and flowers. Why not use vegetable plants instead? Grow upside-down tomato vines in upturned suspended ceramic pots. Fill hanging baskets with herbs and fruiting plants, that are easy to pick and provide a fragrant atmosphere to your Bognor Regis home.

3. Stacked Planters – Buy five terracotta pots of different sizes from a garden centre or nursery like ours, plant a centre rod firmly in the largest pot full of soil, then repeat the process with the other pots as you stack them on top of one another. Create rings of flowering plants with a tiered effect, using bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, basket plants and vegetable plants.

4. Walled Raised Beds – These are not only ideal for seating, but they also spare homeowners in Bognor Regis from kneeling down all day to tend to their gardens.

5. Vertical Vegetable Gardens – Even something as simple as chicken wire pinned to a garage wall is perfect for hanging pots and troughs filled with vegetable plants, herbs and fruiting plants. Position pots of climbers, such as runner beans, at the base and guide their growth using the gaps in the wire fencing.

6. Shelving – If floor space is an issue, install shelves onto garden walls, garage walls or balconies for displaying pots filled with basket plants, bedding plants, vegetable plants, herbaceous perennials and other specimens from our nursery or a garden centre closer to home.

7. Paint Surrounds White –
Just as with the interior of a house, painting fences and garden or garage walls white makes the space look bigger, brighter and more open. Strategic use of outdoor mirrors can increase this effect.

8. Window Planters – Install troughs or boxes underneath the kitchen window of your home in Bognor Regis to brighten up your view with bedding plants, basket plants and herbaceous perennials. Alternatively, visit your local garden centre or nursery for vegetable plants to make your window box more practical. This technique can also provide a functioning herb garden, conveniently within reach as you prepare dinner.

No matter how small your garden may be, pay us a visit at Bellfield Nursery and transform it into something truly special.

Call our garden nursery on 01243 512 333 for advice on how to maximise the limitedoutdoor space of your home in the Bognor Regis area.