This Months Special Offers

Winter Pansies & Violas £6.40 for a tray of 40 (mixed colours)
Winter Pansies & Violas £2.60 pack of 9 (mixed & separate colours)
Wallflowers £2.75 pack of 9
Primroses & Polyanthus 60p each or 6 for £2.99
Cyclamen £1.60 or 10 for £15
Winter Heathers £2.25
Hardy Ferns £2.99
Perennials from £1.60 to £4.99
Shrubs £6.99
Vegetable & Lettuce plants £1.60 for 10
Selection of potting composts and ornamental pots.
*End of Season Fuchsia Sale* 10 for £10!

Seasonal Basket Plants, Patio Plants and Bedding Plants in Bognor Regis, Chichester and West Sussex

At Bellfield Nursery, we believe a garden should look its best all year round, and not just during spring and summer. Why waste the autumn and winter months with bare flowerbeds and naked tree branches? Unlike commercial garden centres that buy in the majority of their stock, we cultivate a range of seasonal plants at our nursery in Birdham, to keep gardens in Bognor Regis, Chichester and the surrounding areas colourful and interesting across all four seasons.

When the first frost sets in and summer bedding plants and basket plants start to die, there is no need to give up on the garden until springtime. We grow and sell winter bedding plants, shrubs and climbers that exude colour in the autumn, along with a selection of herbaceous perennials able to survive the cold.

Our expert nursery personnel have over 72 years’ combined experience with cultivating herbaceous perennials and shrubs, vegetable plants, evergreens and basket plants. With an extensive knowledge base to rival any major garden centre, our staff know exactly when to plant certain specimens and how to care for them. Thanks to our expertise and advice, customers throughout Bognor Regis, Chichester and West Sussex can maximise the potential of their gardens throughout the year.

Vegetable Plants in Chichester 2Vegetable Plants in Chichester 3

Summer Bedding Plants

We provide an impressive range of bedding plants that come into full bloom during the summer months, including Begonias, Sweet Peas, Busy Lizzies, Geraniums and Lobelia. Not only do summer bedding plants provide an explosion of colour and fragrance, but they last for months at a time. For customers who do not wish to trouble themselves with germination and pricking out seedlings, we sell ready-to-plant trays and plugs to make an instant impact on your garden.

Summer bedding plants will die off as the winter starts to creep in, but unlike herbaceous perennials they will not grow back again in the spring.

Autumn Plants and Shrubs

Choosing the right specimens from our nursery can transform stark and dying gardens in the autumn. While some garden centres may not buy in much stock for this season, we grow and supply a variety of climbers and shrubs whose leaves produce quite a colourful show throughout the autumn months.

Autumn is also the season to plant spring flowering bulbs, such as Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocus and Tulips. Customers in Bognor Regis, Chichester or the surrounding West Sussex areas should plan ahead to ensure that their garden comes to life once winter has ended.

Winter Bedding Plants

As October comes around, fill your flowerbeds, pots, containers, hanging baskets and lawn borders with winter bedding plants for a burst of colour, from late autumn until early spring. Matching even the largest garden centre, we cultivate and supply a wide range of flowering plants that can survive the shade, cold temperatures and even frost. Some of these include:

• Cyclamen
• Pansies
• Forget-Me-Nots
• Polyanthus
• Violas
• Wallflowers
• Primroses
• Stocks
• Bellis
• Sweet Williams

Some species of bedding plants require regular feeding and deadheading to make it through the winter months, while others can thrive even in the poorest of soils.

For advice on how to create beautiful autumn and winter gardens for your home in Bognor Regis, Chichester or the surrounding West Sussex area, visit our nursery to talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Whatever your gardening plans, we have the expertise and experience you need, offering superior quality produce and a more personal touch than commercial garden centres.

Call our nursery on 01243 512 333 to discuss seasonal bedding plants and basketplants in Bognor Regis and Chichester.