Patio and Basket Plants in Bognor Regis, Chichester and West Sussex

We are not a garden centre, we’re a plant nursery where domestic and commercial customers can come for a service built on over 72 years of experience and knowledge. At Bellfield Nursery in Birdham, our personnel have a genuine passion for plants, specialising in such horticultural practices as cultivating basket plants.

At our nursery, we grow over 150 varieties of hanging, upright, foliage and flowering basket plants to decorate your home garden, shop, pub, café or restaurant in Bognor Regis, Chichester or the West Sussex region. Due to their versatility and stunning visual appeal, these plants are perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes, containers and ornamental pots.

If you have limited planting space in your garden for introducing bedding plants, brighten up your outdoor space with a range of patio and basket plants that rival any commercial garden centre.

Some of the varieties we grow at our nursery include:

• Petunias
• Begonias
• Busy Lizzies
• Lobelia
• Verbena

• Bacopa
• Lantana
• Portulaca
• Calibrachoa

• Cape Daisies
• Diascia
• Geraniums
• Cosmos

Basket Plants in Bognor RegisBasket Plants in Chichester

Hanging Baskets

While most garden centres buy in the majority of their stock, at our nursery, we mostly grow everything we sell. This includes trailing basket plants, which are ideal for hanging baskets. An essential addition to any garden during the summer, hanging baskets burst with colour and fragrance, adding another dimension to the outdoor space of homes around Bognor Regis, Chichester and the surrounding areas. We grow plants to flower for months at a time, so they can last throughout the entire summer.

Trailing basket plants hang over the edge of a hanging basket, which can make them look a bit flat and almost empty at times. We suggest combining them with some of our upright basket plants for a fuller effect and better overall aesthetic.

Co-ordinate your colour scheme across the garden or mix and match different hues and textures, for that eclectic and informal appeal.

Whatever basket plants you choose to fill hanging baskets, make sure to use water-retaining granules and good-quality compost – both of which are available for purchase at our nursery.

Once our customers see the range of gardening supplies and sundries available at Bellfield Nursery, they realise there’s no need to ever again set foot in another garden centre.

Patio Plants

Whether your home in Bognor Regis, Chichester or the West Sussex region has a vast amount of outdoor space or a small patio garden, bring it to life with large potted plants, evergreen shrubs and climbers. Unlike a commercial garden centre, we grow and sell every specimen in our huge variety of patio and basket plants suitable for pots and containers to add intrigue to paved gardens, decks and terraces.

If you’ve always wanted a vegetable patch but don’t have the space in your garden, you can create your own patio equivalent, thanks to our wide range of vegetable plants. Simply plant specimens in pots and containers and enjoy growing your own produce on a smaller scale.

Patio and basket plants are a wonderful option for homes with only a balcony, concrete patio or decking. Transform uninspired outdoor spaces into urban gardens with our massive range of varieties.

At Bellfield Nursery, we sell whatever you would expect to find at a garden centre, only to a better standard and with a much more personal approach to customer service.

Call our nursery on 01243 512 333 for basket plants in Bognor Regis, Chichester and the surrounding West Sussex area.